The Explorer Railway Employees’ Globe- trotter Club is a Hungarian association patronizing more than fifteen years’ traditions. Since 1998, it has been acting officially, registered by the Court of Registration.
The centre of the association is situated in Albertirsa, Hungary . The founders of the association are those young railway employees who are joined together by the same passion: the love of travelling, the desire to get to know other countries and cultures. One of our main areas of activities is tourism.
We help people of every age range, children as well as retired, to give them the possibility to spend their vacation in a useful and joyful manner at the same time. Our proposal contains various tours like one-day family excursions or exotic ’tough tours’ that are very often on the level of a real expedition. So, everyone has the possibility to choose regarding his own means and interests.
Membership is not a condition of participation in the journeys. Since the foundation, our work is aimed to satisfy the travelling needs of railway employees, although we are planning an expansion to the civil world in the near future. We would like to organize tours aimed not just to visit foreign countries but also to discover the different regions of Hungary. Furthermore, anyone can admit that the convenient behaviour during journeys, the respect towards human and natural creations should be placed on a very strong basis. That is why that in the last few years we began to organize programs for students.
What we can offer: forest school, drama-camp, sightseeing and other activities. In addition, we provide with help the children and adults in marginal situation, the so-called big families and in certain cases we can even assure them free participation. Our programs are organized in the name of simplicity and economy. It is important to emphasize that our association does not offer a service of public welfare; the destinations of our journeys are different from those places enjoying the highlighted attention of mass tourism.
The rules and terms of participation significantly differ from the complete journeys offered by tourist offices. Our association is opened to every kind of initiatives and our continuous renewal is guaranteed by the dynamism of our staff and membership.


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evvk logoExplorer Vasutas Világjáró Klub Magyarország legnagyobb vasúti szabadidős szervezete túravezetőt keres, hosszútávra, alkalmi munkára (átlag évi 10 munkanap + a csatlakozó hétvégék).

Angol nyelvismeret, utazási gyakorlat szükséges.

Túravezetői, magashegyi túravezetői vizsga, előny.

Vasutasok, kalauzok, pénztárosok, jelenkezését is elfogadjuk, sajnos főállást nem tudunk biztosítani.

Érdeklődni, esténklént: 0630/9634-325

Szakmai önéletrajzokat szíveskedjetek az info@evvk.hu -ra megküldeni.


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